Marin Builders Association Code of Ethics


The basis of the Marin Builders Association “Code of Ethics” is the assumption that its
members will adhere to all applicable provisions of California contractor licensing laws, the
California Business and Professions Code and all other local, state and federal statutes
pertaining to the building and construction industry.

As a member of the Marin Builders Association, you agree to abide by the procedures listed
below in order to enhance and maintain the integrity and honesty of the construction industry
and of your relations with clients and others in the construction business. To that end, you will
also promote those businesses in which architects and owners, public and private, can have

  1. Members are expected to support the principle of bids being awarded to the lowest bidder. However, a member may reserve the right to challenge bids and awards, which are not in compliance with the bid document. If minor cost adjustments are necessary, it is expected that negotiations will occur only between the sub-contractor or material supplier and the low bid general contractor. Bid shopping is not a responsible business activity and is not condoned.
  2. Bids of both general contractors and sub-contractors shall be kept confidential until bid opening. The project award shall be to the lowest responsible bidder. Bid adjustments shall not be made except as stated above. However, contractors should not attempt to take advantage of getting an award because of obvious errors in plans, specifications or other documents to the detriment of another.
  3. Members are expected to operate their business in a realistic and responsible manner. Bidding for work without figuring in overhead and a reasonable profit tends to bankrupt the entire industry, not just the member.
  4. Members are expected to transact their business based upon that, which is morally right, rather than upon that, which may be legally enforceable.
  5. When plans have been bid but awards not made, the Marin Builders Association will not accept plans for rebidding unless six months have passed since the original bid date or unless substantial changes have been made to the plans. In cases of dispute about this point, the Executive Committee will make a decision on the issue.
  6. The Marin Builders Association will not condone intentional violations of this Code of Ethics. Members are asked to report violations to the Executive Director who will bring them to the Executive Committee to investigate suspected violations and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for final action.
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